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Wendland College Planning, LLC. helps simplify the complex college admissions and selection process so your future gets started on the right path.
Wendland College Planning, LLC. helps simplify the complex college admissions and selection process so your future gets started on the right path.

Services I Offer

College List Development

Choosing colleges to apply to can sometimes feel overwhelming. With my help we will develop a list of schools that interest you and are a good fit academically, personally, and financially. 

Standardized Testing Plan

ACT? SAT? Test optional? Test blind? We will identify the testing plan that is best for your student and determine testing requirements for each college on the student list.

High School Planning

High school coursework sets the foundation for future college applications. I am committed to assisting students in choosing high school classes that are challenging yet manageable. Mental health is a priority and each student will find the path that is best for them. I also assist with identifying extra-curriculars of interest.

Application Management

Rising seniors spend summer and early fall completing application tasks. Essay? Common App? UC App? Cal State app? College specific essays? All are underway by the time school starts in the fall. Summer workshops are supplemented by Sunday group work sessions in early fall.

Why Hire A College Counselor?

Reduce parent /student conflict and general anxiety
Identify colleges that are a social, academic ,and financial fit
Work with someone who has professional credentials, continuing education, and ethical standards

What My Students Say

It was nice to have a timeline to stick to! Without that I would have procrastinated much more just out of nervousness. The process was much less overwhelming than it would have been on my own.


 It was overwhelming to choose schools that fit me at first, and hearing from someone who could match me effectively with schools I would like and give an inside scoop on the schools was really helpful


 I loved getting to have in person meetings, and the software was so organized and user friendly. I would say the most beneficial service was the college application workshop. It was so nice to have a designated time to sit down and work on my essays, as well as have you there for fast assistance.


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me. Without you I would not have had such a successful application process and I am sure I would not have found the school that is perfect for me!


What Parents Say

I was very relieved to have your help and would without hesitation recommend you to any family! You are the best and my daughter ended up exactly where I think the fit is best. Your knowledge carried lots of weight!


I am an investment guy and Lisa’s services were a great investment.


Lisa assisted both our daughters. Lisa brings tremendous experience and knowledge to the college admissions process. However, more important than this, is the serenity and perspective Lisa offers in helping students find the right fit for them. We could not be more pleased with Lisa’s dedication to our daughters’ college application processes.


My student shut down every time I asked about college. Having Lisa as the go between helped family harmony immensely.


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