My Priority Is You!

Serving students from Lake Oswego, Lakeridge, and Jesuit  High Schools.

Virtual advising available upon request.

College List Development

  • Assist student in identifying school priorities
  • Discuss schools through the lens of academic, personal and financial fit
  • Evaluate and discuss potential fields of study
  • Help families plan visits and communicate with colleges
  • Create an initial portfolio of schools for student to consider applying to
  • Assist student in narrowing portfolio to balanced, reasonable list — students take responsibility for researching colleges and must be able to articulate why they wish to apply to each school on their final list

Standardized Test Planning

SAT? ACT? AP Test?
Should I test? Or not? 

Testing is perhaps the number one stress point for students currently. many colleges are test optional. Yet several have indicated scores will be required for future applicants. This is an individual decision and one I can assist with. Should we decide together that test taking will strengthen your application, I assist students in connecting with a qualified professional test tutor. 

High School Planning

I like to sit down with students at least once during the beginning of sophomore year. After that, visits become more frequent but remain in keeping with your personal needs. Each family and student differs in the amount of support needed.

  • Review transcript to date
  • Discuss course selections — balance of high school career
  • Evaluate activities + suggest additions  or changes as needed
  • Brainstorm careers of interest and discuss personality test results
  • Suggest ways student can further self-knowledge before college
  • Identify personal traits that will impact college list choices
  • Encouraging skills such as time management, seeking assistance from teachers, self advocacy, etc.  – practicing these in high school will enhance college readiness

Application Management

The school list is finished, the tests have been taken, junior year is completed, now what? At some point students will need to actually dive in and get those applications filled out. I am here to help you by:

  • Discussing and deciding optimal application timing — Early Action? Early Decision? Regular Decision?
  • Brainstorming topics for your personal statement also known as the infamous “College Essay”
  • Setting deadlines to get tasks done on time, or even early
  • Navigating nuances of the Common Application and Naviance/Family Connection
  • Giving input (but not rewriting) on essays — long, short and in between
  • Ensuring activities are communicated to your schools in a clear and concise manner
  • Encouraging you to keep your applications sounding like you, rather than someone else
  • Getting from “I think I might want to apply” to pressing “send” on that application screen
  • Reducing the sometimes inevitable parent/student friction that can accompany this process
  • Assisting with interview practice for students who may be engaging in college interviews (not all students will need this)